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Announcing Forms for Eclipse

Posted on: September 16th, 2016 by Matt Sheffer

Quality is excited to announce a new add-in for eclipse document management software. Eclipse brings enterprise level content management and automated AP solutions to a web based platform.

In this newest module for the software, eclipse now offers the ability to create, distribute, and fill out forms directly within the eclipse client. Now, forms such as vendor forms, HR on-boarding forms, or even customer satisfaction questionnaires can be sent out digitally. With this comes a few major benefits to profitability and productivity. Paper gets eliminated at the source, while processing time and the visibility of workflows become enhanced. Data entry can be standardized with automatic formatting, and the re-keying of information can be eliminated.


These documents are created within the eclipse web based client, and can have direct links, or be emailed to anyone who may need to fill one out. These forms are also filled out directly within eclipse. This means that once they are filled out and submitted, they can immediately enter a workflow. These workflows can be set up to notify specific employees, calculate certain values, or even approve or deny a document based on certain criteria that you set. These forms are then saved within the system, to be easily searched for at a later time.

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