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717 Area Code Changes

Posted on: June 1st, 2017 by Mindy Gasparin

NOTICE: Beginning August 26, 2017 calls/faxes within the 717 area code will not go through unless the 717 or the new 223 area code is input along with the phone number.

The new 223 area code is being added to the geographic area served by the 717 area code. Because more than one area code will serve the same geographic area, if you have a 717 or 223 phone number, you’ll need to enter the area code for all calls — including calls within the same area code. To complete local calls from a phone with a 717 or 223 area code, the new calling procedure requires you to enter the area code and 7-digit phone number.

Please contact our help desk: ServiceCalls@qualitydot.com or call 717-741-4894 to assist with updating your MFP device’s pre-programmed Fax Numbers.

iPhone Picture Storage

Posted on: May 2nd, 2017 by Mindy Gasparin

Do you take a lot of pictures for work (or personal)?  Do you keep getting that pesky “icloud backup” message stating that you are out of space?

If purchasing a monthly subscription for more storage isn’t something you want to do, then we have an alternative!  Download the Snapfish app on your iPhone to upload and store pictures from your phone on Snapfish.com. After you have successfully uploaded the pictures, delete them from your phone!  All your pictures are still accessible but you don’t have to worry about taking too many pictures!

Do you use whiteboards in your office?

Posted on: April 20th, 2017 by Mindy Gasparin

If you office uses white boards for meetings (or would like to!), or if your employees use them for keeping a to-do list in their cubicle, but you would like a more modern/contemporary look, then this could be for you!

1. Substituting the traditional office whiteboard with glass is a great way to make your office space unique, fresh and fun. Try adding a frosted background or your logo in the bottom corner!

2. Glass whiteboards are not only more durable than whiteboards, they are also easier to clean.

Please contact our office for more information!

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5 Facts you might not know…

Posted on: February 18th, 2016 by Mindy Gasparin

Quality is a believer in business to business relationships and supporting local businesses whenever we can.  This also means congratulating them when they achieve great successes and business accomplishments.

We are very excited for The York Water Company who is celebrating their 200th anniversary today by ringing the Nasdaq Stock Market Closing bell from 3:45-4pm today!

In an article from the Central Penn Business Journal:

To commemorate the company’s 200th anniversary, company President and CEO Jeffrey Hines, joined by members of the company’s board of directors and employees, will be ringing the Nasdaq Stock Market closing bell from 3:45 to 4 p.m. today

“This is quite an honor, not just for our current employees, but also for those who came before us,” Hines said .

As they ring the closing bell, water company officials will be joined by York College students.

York Water is the oldest investor-owned water utility in the U.S., and has been a publicly traded company since 1816, making it the oldest such company listed on any major exchange.

It serves an estimated 192,000 people in 48 municipalities in York and Adams counties.

The company’s average daily consumption is about 18.5 million gallons of water, and its average daily availability is around 35 million gallons, company officials said.

5 facts you may not know about York Water Co.

1. Number of employees: 106

2. It is the oldest company in both the city and county of York.

3. A $25 share of stock, bought in 1816 and reinvested for 200 years, would be worth more than $20 million today. The company also has never missed a dividend payment in its 200-year history, the longest such streak in the U.S.

4. The company obtains its water supply from the south and east branches of the Codorus Creek, which drains an area of approximately 117 square miles, and has two reservoirs, Lake Williams and Lake Redman, that together hold up to 2.23 billion gallons of water.

5. It is the biggest manufacturer in York and Adams counties, delivering an average of a ton of “product” to every customer every day through 1,000 miles of pipeline.

Crypto Virus Alert

Posted on: February 16th, 2016 by Mindy Gasparin

The most recent variation of the Crypto virus is proving successful in penetrating business systems due to the timing of the new variation and the delay in security vendors to provide updated security files to thwart the attempt.  This variation continues to encrypt files on servers through drive mappings present on a computer or set of computers.  As has been the case with past variations, typical virus and malware cleaners are unable to detect nor remove the threat.  Once the files are infected (encrypted), the only path to a clean system is to restore from a backup solution.

Please be vigilant while working with files, corresponding through email and “surfing the web”.  If a file looks suspicious, it most likely is.  This latest variation disguises itself as an .mp3 file.  Should you receive a file via email with an .mp3 extension, delete the email immediately and without hesitation.  If you open a file and find your system compromised, unplug the network cable from your computer right away as a first course of action.  Second, shut down your computer and notify our IT help desk. 

Attempts to compromise systems will only increase in today’s world.  The impact of these sophisticated attempts are real and can be extremely effective.  We are doing everything we can to protect our systems but we need everyone’s help.  If you are unsure about something, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask for guidance.