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717 Area Code Changes

Posted on: June 1st, 2017 by Mindy Gasparin

NOTICE: Beginning August 26, 2017 calls/faxes within the 717 area code will not go through unless the 717 or the new 223 area code is input along with the phone number.

The new 223 area code is being added to the geographic area served by the 717 area code. Because more than one area code will serve the same geographic area, if you have a 717 or 223 phone number, you’ll need to enter the area code for all calls — including calls within the same area code. To complete local calls from a phone with a 717 or 223 area code, the new calling procedure requires you to enter the area code and 7-digit phone number.

Please contact our help desk: ServiceCalls@qualitydot.com or call 717-741-4894 to assist with updating your MFP device’s pre-programmed Fax Numbers.